BUCHAREST, 106 Izvor Street, District 5, Romania
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Safety through prevention

Masuri igiena hotel We are functioning with high hygiene measures

Guided by the National Institute of Public Health, National Centre for Communicable Diseases Surveillance and Control, but also keeping in mind the prevention methodology developed by the World Health Organization, we reopened the hotel using special hygiene measures. The comfort of our guests is the main priority for us.

We are using protection glass at reception

From behind the protection panel, we welcome you with the same warmth and hospitality. Thus, we choose to offer you extra protection, by reducing physical contact. No matter what separates us, we always remain dedicated to you, missing the atmosphere of a living hotel, in which you are the essential part.

Igiena hotel Covid Two of our basic allies: soap and disinfectant gel

No matter how strong we are, we need real weapons to meet this challenge. We have equipped ourselves with dispensers with disinfectant solutions that are always accessible to you, being located in all common areas. They are approved by the Ministry of Health, so you only have to use them whenever you feel the need. There are simple things that can make a difference.

Distantare sociala We keep physical distance

We are always close to you, through the measures we have adopted, precisely to protect you and restore your confidence in safe travel. Even if we have to keep a distance of at least 2m, according to the markings found in certain areas of heavy traffic in the hotel, you can count on us and our actions for staying in excellent hygienic-sanitary conditions.

Verificare temperatura hotel We provide temperature checks for customers, employees, and partners

Because the regulations in force require this measure, we purchased a digital thermometer, without direct contact, which will be available at the hotel reception. At normal temperature values, we do not record the data, but we rely on your understanding of the usefulness of this measure. The risk is still active, that is why it is extremely important to take the necessary precautions to stop the spread.

We use professional solutions, approved by the Ministry of Health

Cleanliness has been and will always be a priority for us. In this sense, all our solutions are approved by the control bodies, have compliance notices, are part of the category of biocides to eliminate viruses and bacteria, being used in the concentrations recommended by the manufacturer. Thus, we make sure that our guests are protected, breathe fresh air, and spend their stay with us safely.

We take into account the methodology developed by specialists

Because we understood the need to adapt to the new reality, we asked for the help of our partners, specialists in the management of extreme situations. Thus, we were able to develop a good practice guide, which contains active prevention measures. We have re-analyzed the functional flows and we have created efficient circuits to offer you, our guests, the certainty of a stay without unpleasant events.

Hotel masti si manusi Covid-19 We always were masks and protective gloves

Behind the masks and equipped with protective gloves, we always manage to send you our welcome message. And because the legal regulations require us, please welcome us in the same way. There is so little left until we will win this battle we were challenged to, and only together will we be stronger.

Informatii hotel Coronavirus We support friendly and effective information environment

Any information is useful if accessed in time. In our hotel, we made sure that all the info points are arranged to guide you as well as possible. Thus, we avoid physical contact as much as possible, but we remain connected to the same basic idea: protecting all the one involved in this industry.

Step with confidence on our new carpet with disinfectant

You can walk confidently in our hotel, taking into account that from the entrance we have provided guests with a Biclosol disinfectant carpet, a powerful and effective biocide in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Thus, you enter a clean, sanitized environment, and your stay will be safer.

We intensify the cleaning flow in the common spaces, and we stage the cleaning in the clients' rooms

For each space in the hotel, we identified the hot points, those special areas where the virus is more likely to be contacted, just to insist on constant hygiene during the day. Thus, the common spaces will be disinfected with approved solutions, at least once every three hours. The cleaning process in the guest rooms will take into account a flow so defined as to allow a time of 24 hours between a check-out and a check-in. Besides, our cleaning staff will interact directly as little as possible with a customer and only at his request, taking into account all the necessary measures.

Benefit from room service breakfast and dinner

The restaurant remains closed, but we have prepared special menus for a tasty breakfast, served in maximum safety in your room. You can also opt for a room service dinner.

Guest information

The confidentiality of personal data, including those collected through temperature measurements or questionnaires for epidemiological triage, will be strictly respected by our institution. All collected data will be made available to the competent bodies, in case of requesting an epidemiological investigation.

Guests are also required by local regulations to wear face masks in public areas and to health measures such as social distancing.

Any customer who has a symptom associated with a possible infection with the COVID-2019 virus is asked to contact the front office department, at number 901, and stay in the assigned room. According to the legal norms, the hotel management should inform the Public Health Directorate, to initiate an epidemiological investigation if it is found that the respective client is positive. Reception staff will treat all this information with discretion, leaving it up to the management and to medical services to evaluate the situation and make appropriate decisions.

The reservation and cancellation conditions can be found on the websites of our partners, through which a client chooses to book his stay. For a reservation made through them, any special request is addressed directly to the respective partner. For direct reservations, use the specific data provided on the contact page.

Flexibility is the watchword in the next period, precisely because we are aware of the unpredictability of the pandemic evolution and relaxation measures adopted. Thus, for flexible reservations, a period of up to 24 hours before check-in is accepted, as a maximum cancellation period without costs. For partial-refundable reservations, you can cancel up to 7 days before check-in. Reservations made less than 7 days before check-in at a partial-refundable rate, will be treated as non-refundable.

We will constantly promote among employees the idea of physical distance, wearing a mask, and using specific hygiene rules. We recommend our clients to follow these rules also. At the same time, our staff is available for digital communication at any time and will treat with maximum responsibility for any request.

Our basic principles have not changed, we remain the same reliable partners, the same hospitable hosts, our greatest desire being to provide quality services, at the highest possible standard of safety.

We want to return as soon as possible to the normality we all knew, to the freedom that allowed us to visit and explore the beauties of the world without any restrictions. That’s why we need you, and we are waiting for you with open arms!